If we want other life forms to learn who we really are and who we have the potential to become, wouldn't a #videogame be the best time capsule of all?

Practical Example

NASA's Send Your Name to Mars

All submitted names are reviewed, approved and then etched onto a microchip. The microchip is placed aboard the Mars 2020 rover, which will land on Mars.

Urban Alien Adventures

Get A Life

The intent of Urban Alien Adventures is to create a portal leading to adventures in: IRL, ARG, AR, VR and Interactive Media so no matter who you are or what your limitations, you can learn to experience life!

Our concept deck is still under testing and development.

Sample Stream

My favorite online card game is Hearthstone. I've been studying how to make streams interesting and what can a single person do when it comes to running their gamer brand.

A stream test using Streamlabs and playing music on Spotify using a PC with minimum specifications.

Work in progress