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Loptr Lab, using creative marketing techniques and user-friendly interfaces, aims to create an IP development for production cross platform research lab with a focus on underrepresented artists.

I want to show creatives how technology is just another tool to play with instead of a thief who steals their imagination.

Our main focus is:

  • Evaluation of your IP for cross-market fit

  • Social Media Lifestyle Training

  • Technical Development of Talent

  • Finance or Crowdfunding Development

Deltarune is an example of how an IP should present itself and the evolution of the project to their players. What other products do you think are missing from their merch store?

The BIGGEST Question I've Been Asked Is:
How do I build a business around an open-source project?

"Picking the right model is critical not only for the commercial viability of a project but also to ensure the support of the community. In the worst-cases communities and projects have forked as a result of commercial decisions and the resulting governance debates.

The most common pattern for successful open source companies today is to have an open-core product combined with hosting and services as secondary and tertiary revenue streams. If this combination works for your product then it could well be a good choice, but it requires a lot of thought around how you make a clear separation between the commercial and open-source offering. "

The Secrets of Successful Open Source Business Models

Gender Equality in Seed Funding

"... women don't pitch venture capitalists in the same numbers as men, so of course they don't get as much venture capital." Kimberly Weisul, Editor-at-Large, Inc.com Rise of the Rest is determined to change the landscape of VC through investing catalytic capital in the most promising seed stage companies located outside of Silicon Valley, New York City, and Boston. Steve Case co-founder of Revolution closed a $150M second round of capital commitments just like he did two years ago at the fund's debut.

Why Open Source?

The Academy Software Foundation believes that open source could open doors into the entertainment industry for underrepresented communities. Is it that easy?

"Efforts are being spearheaded by the Academy Software Foundation, a 2-year-old industry group that has been championing the use of open source in Hollywood. Founded in partnership with the Linux Foundation, the Academy Software Foundation counts studios such as Sony Pictures, Walt Disney Studios, Dreamworks and Netflix as well as tech heavyweights including Amazon, Google Cloud, Apple, AMD and Unity among its members.

However, attracting the right talent can still be a challenge" - Protocol

“What you love is important, but it’s not the most important thing about making games, because your audience is not just you and people who look like you. That’s the switch that has to happen.” - Eve Crevoshay, executive director of Take This, a mental health advocacy and training non-profit that serves the game industry and community.

excerpt from, "Why game developers need to sit down and shut up to lead the charge in diversity and inclusion"


Swordsfall is a rich Afropunk sci-fantasy game inspired by the rich lore of pre-colonial Africa. Tapping into lore of various African cultures gives the continent of Tikor a unique feel not seen in other fantasy RPGs and also breaks the stereotypes often seen when fantasy literature and media tries to blend the people of a continent into a single culture.

Patreon and Wefundr

Black Sands Entertainment is the no.1 black publishing house in the nation. We have officially raised $480,000 to develop our animations and distribution app. Now it is time to secure talented teams, get a huge comic book collection, and dominate the competition.

Open Collective

Or you can Make your community sustainable

Community is about trust and sharing. Open Collective lets you manage your finances so everyone can see where money comes from and where it goes. Collect and spend money transparently.

Kickstarter - $120,630 pledged of SwordsFall $2,000 goal

WeFundr - Last Funded February 2020! $480,000 total funds raised 1,506 total investors for Black Sands

Strategic Partnerships

Organizations focused on community building skills and leadership creates a thriving and diverse workforce for startup founders to recruit ready to work talent.

Career Karma Raises $10 Million Series A To Help Workers Acquire In-Demand Trades

Ruben Harris, CEO of Career Karma, is helping people obtain higher-paying jobs through his platform by connecting people with a job training program online that meets the specific needs of each individual regarding the skills needed for technology-related careers.

Where are you recruiting your future team players from?

Open Collective and Patreon

The first version of OBS was publicly released over six years ago, as a small side project by Hugh “Jim” Bailey. He made a free and open source program to stream StarCraft 2 and has grown into a powerful force in the streaming and video production industry. Hundreds of thousands of people use OBS Studio every day not just for video gaming, but also for broadcasting everything from conferences to sports competitions to school announcements. It’s a tool that can be used freely by anyone, from large studios with big budget productions to individuals who just want to engage with a community online.

It's important to them that OBS is available free without advertisements and your contributions make that possible!


The open source software (OSS) movement has created some of our most important and widely used technologies, including operating systems, web browsers, and databases. Our world would not function, or at least not function as well, without open source software.

While open source has delivered amazing technological innovation, commercial innovation – most recently and notably the rise of software-as-a-service – has been just as vital to the success of the movement. And since open source is by definition software that is free for anyone to use, modify, and distribute, open source businesses have required different models and a different go to market than other kinds of software companies.

  • Open Source: From Community to Commercialization

  • Landscape for popular open source projects used in the motion picture industry, and also shows the member companies of the Academy Software Foundation. It is modelled after the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) landscape and based on the same open source code.

  • Open Source Guide - learn how to launch and grow your own open source project.

  • Find Open Source - Week-long sponsorships are available for Awesome Open Source. This is the only way to promote your product or service specifically to Awesome Open Source’s audience of Software Engineers, Software Engineering Managers, Software Researchers, and Software Executives.

    About Awesome Open Source’s audience:

      • Estimated monthly unique visitors: 500,000.

      • Estimated monthly web page views: 1.2 million.

      • Average weekly clicks per sponsor: 1,900.

      • Average conversion rate after click on sponsor site: 4.2%

      • Sponsorship is exclusive. Only one sponsor per week.