...like hitting a cigarette without a filter #blunt

GamerTag: I.B. Loud


  • MBA in Network and Communications Management, Keller School of Management - Devry 2010
  • MPA in Government Administration, Kennesaw State University 2007
  • BS in Management, Southern Polytechnic State University 2005


  • Project Management, Cardinal Stritch University 2002
  • Georgia WorkReady – Gold Plus Certificate, 2010

Gamer since Pong. Her first boyfriend was a Merlin and she had a P.E.T. in the sixth grade. Being an airline brat, she doesn't know how to answer the question, "Where are you from?"

In the world she comes from, leaders run a company like the community it is instead of seeing only a commodity. She believes: technology is a tool to connect people with others who feel isolated and education without cultural context is like wearing an ill-fitting dress. She's here to alter it.

How she describes herself in one sentence and a hashtag: I'm the evolution of Steve Jobs #thinkDifferently

Ideal Work Environment

  • Encourages self-expression
  • Promotes independence
  • Requires an academic specialty
  • Values the creative process

Personality Traits

  • Likes Novelty - prefers what is new, unusual and different
  • Deep - enjoys uncovering layers of meaning
  • Open-Minded - having a mind receptive to new ideas or ideas contrary to one’s own beliefs
  • Intuitive - understanding by following one’s internal sense, independent of reasoning
  • Unconventional - unconcerned or dismissing of what is generally held to be acceptable
  • Inquisitive - is curious and asks questions to obtain information

The Dark Side of Me

  • Since I am empath, I tend to see the best in others and place too much trust in people too soon - making it easy to take advantage or disappoint me when the true nature of the situation reveals itself.
  • Due to the value I place on relationships, I often put the needs of others before my own. Because of this, I must balance my choices and properly define priorities based what is needed and not solely on what others want—resulting the neglect of my own needs and loss of my sense of purpose. In civil rights issues I tend to sacrifice my own well-being and aspirations to help others – leaving me tired, stressed, and burnt out.
  • Although I have very strongly held beliefs, often I have difficulty revealing my true identity and values. I’ve been told I am a natural at interacting with and understanding others, it’s from being “chameleon-like” in my interactions instead of revealing my true self.
  • Finally, I can become reliant on others’ approval to validate my self-worth.